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Since Girlebooks began in early 2007, our visitors have downloaded thousands of free ebooks. While we are happy to donate our time to providing you this resource, we do pay monthly web server costs to keep this site on the air. Please consider making a donation to help us offset these costs and continue to provide free ebooks by the gals.

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Since we get many of our e-texts from Project Gutenberg, donations to that website helps this site too. If you want to help Gutenberg with your time, you can help with their proofreading effort at Distributed Proofreaders. If you'd rather work on whole books at a time rather than the random page format of DP, join our proofreading initiative where we proofread texts for our free ebook catalog and Project Gutenberg.

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If you enjoy our free ebooks, please consider making a donation to offset website costs.
Why donate?