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Your first task in enjoying the benefits of ebooks is to figure out where you want to read them. Reading on a back-lit device like an iPad or Kindle Fire offers many benefits such as ability to view color images and to read in low light situations (e.g. in bed, on a plane). Dedicated ebook readers that use black and white eInk screen technology offer a better reading environment in high light situations (e.g. in the car). eInk readers are easier on the eyes, however they are not back-lit so reading in the dark requires a book light.

You can also read on your computer, and if you have a small laptop  it will be significantly more comfortable.

Here are some step-by-step instructions on adding books to your iPhone/iTouch/iPad. If you want to access our catalog wirelessly on one of these devices, you can our ODPS feed to load ebooks with the Stanza app.

The Mobipocket PRC formated ebooks available on this site work natively with the Kindle. The easiest way to read our ebooks on the Kindle is to download the PRC ebooks to your computer and email them to your Kindle using your email address or upload them via your USB cord. On the Kindle Fire the ebooks will then show up in your "Docs" area.

Our ePub ebooks work best with the NOOK. Please refer to the NOOK help area for more information about transfering ebook files to your NOOK. Look under Support -  Managing Your Library under article "Can I put other files on my NOOK?" as well as "How do I organize my personal files (documents, audio files, and image files) on my NOOK?'

Desktop/Laptop Computer
Desktop and laptop computers support a wide array of eReading software. Rather than list them all,  I will simply list the ebook formats that we offer here. The linked sites will give you information on downloading the software and what computer operating systems support their software.

For all other e-reading devices,  Wikipedia has a great article on the Comparison of e-book readers. Simply find your eReader in that list, click on the article for that eReader, and you should see information on what file format your eReader uses and how to load ebooks on there.

If you have questions not answered here, please contact us!

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