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The Girlebooks Jane Austen Collection

Emma by Jane AustenWith Emma, Girlebooks now has all of Jane Austen's novels available for free download in our ebook catalog. First published in 1816, Emma is a comic novel about the "handsome, clever, and rich" title character and the follies surrounding her attempts at matchmaking. In her misguided schemes involving almost everyone's romantic interests but her own, Emma manages to wreak disaster and charm at the same time.

Reminding us of an old favorite, Margaret offers her review of Sense and Sensibility:

Sense and SensibilityAhhh, Sense and Sensibility. Actually this is the first Jane Austen novel I've read. Somehow I thought that if I ventured into the world of Austen it would be a sign of disloyalty to the Brontë sisters. Instead, I relegated my relationship with Jane to the movies, until now. Since I already knew the story of Elinor and Marianne from the Emma Thomson and Kate Winslet film version, there were no surprises for me. Though, as is usually the case with books that have been turned into movies, I enjoyed the book more. Getting into the head and heart of Elinor added a depth to the character that can't really be portrayed on the big screen. That's where you really get an appreciation for Elinor. She's strong and smart and tries desperately to keep her family together under trying circumstances. The story is standard for the genre - secret loves, broken hearts, bitchy family members. I don't think I'm giving anything away by saying that as is also customary for the genre, there is a happy, Hollywood ending. Overall, Sense and Sensibility is a good, solid story that is totally worth reading. And I'm glad I read it...but shhh, don't tell the Brontës I said that!


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