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"The First Sir Percy" by Baroness Orczy

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The First Sir Percy could be called The Laughing Cavalier, Part II because it takes up where the previous book leaves off in the highly addictive Scarlet Pimpernel series. The cast of characters in the two novels is almost identical, except that we get to know Mynheer Berensteyn (Gilda's father) and the Stadtholder (Maurice of Nassau, Prince of Orange) by actions more than mere reference. We also become reacquainted with the Stadtholder's sworn enemy the Lord Stoutenburg, who has grown more dastardly and despicable since his defeat at the hands of Diogenes at the end of The Laughing Cavalier. The comical and steadfast Pythagoras and Socrates are also there to join Diogenes in a Dutch version of The Three Musketeers.

Our hero's story begins with an air of celebration in the Berensteyn's hometown of Amersfoort. The happy circumstance (which I will not mention here for fear of spoiling the surprise) soon turns to dismay as Amersfoort is overrun by the Netherlands' enemy, Spain. We soon learn that the invaders had Lord Stoutenburg to thank for betraying his homeland and making their ingress possible.

The residents of the city soon come to the bitter realization that Stoutenburg has arrived to oversee the occupation forces. To settle a more personal matter, he moves into the Berensteyn household and tries to create as much misery as he feels they have visited upon him. In his twisted imagination Stoutenburg envisions that a little emotional blackmail is the most effective means of renewing his broken betrothal to Gilda. Surprisingly, he nearly succeeds. Gilda's weak and untrustworthy brother, Klaas also makes inroads in his own quest to prove Diogenes (or Sir Percy, to the English) a traitor.

The story teeters on the brink of disaster, as again, we wonder just who can we trust, and how in the devil is Diogenes going to get out of this trap, and again, should he? To tell more of this story, even the events in the beginning, would give away the ending of The Laughing Cavalier. Thus, suffice it to say that if you have read The Laughing Cavalier, don't stop there. After all, you've already learned the Dutch, you know the characters, so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy The First Sir Percy.


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