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Smashwords Summer/Winter Promotion 2012

The Smashwords Summer/Winter Promotion is still going strong all month of July. Take a look at all our publications involved in the promotion and the links to their purchase pages on Smashwords. These FREE and heavy discounts that won't last much longer!

Sense and Sensibility annotated by Margaret C. Sullivan, illustrated by Cassandra Chouinard
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This edition of Jane Austen's first published novel is annotated by AustenBlog's Margaret C. Sullivan and illustrated by Cassandra Chouinard. Sense and Sensibility chronicles two sisters' experiences through romance, misunderstandings and heartbreak. Elinor Dashwood with her good sense and well-developed sense of justice forms a foil to her romantic, headstrong sister Marianne.
The Mysteries of Udolpho by Ann Radcliffe, illustrated by Catherine LaPointe
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This edition contains original illustrations by Catherine LaPointe. Set in 1584, The Mysteries of Udolpho tells the story of Emily St. Aubert, a young French woman who is orphaned after the death of her father. The novel is one of the first Gothic romances, replete with incidents of terror, castles, seemingly supernatural events, a brooding, scheming villain, and a persecuted heroine.
Portrait of the Past by Kate Halleron
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The year is 1880. Marguerite is an artist and former slave who is hired to paint a wedding portrait for a wealthy family. She soon finds that the family has close ties to her past from which she has constantly fled. Instead of fleeing again, she stays to paint a portrait of her former family, and in so doing she begins to understand the difficult choices her loved ones were driven to make.
Radium Halos by Shelley Stout
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Radium Halos is historical fiction based on the true events of the Radium Girls, female factory workers who contracted radiation poisoning in the 1920s from painting luminous watch and clock dials with radium paint. "Shelley Stout reveals in her characters, the humanity of a tragic tale." Batt Humphreys, former senior producer for CBS News and author of Dead Weight
Rearview Mirror by Lorene Haupt
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Elise Brody thought that her college fling with Drew Wilkins would always remain part of her past. But thanks to Facebook, they have been electronically reunited. Unfortunately, they are both married. Their online flirtation feels safe until Elise finds out that Drew will be coming home. How will she react when he becomes more than just a reflection in her rearview mirror?
Alaskan Healing by Lana Voynich
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Fans of the television show "Deadliest Catch" will recognize the setting of this novel. Drake Richards is a commercial fisherman who doesn't trust women. Shawn Nilsen is a strong-willed woman who has just been jilted by her fiancé. Shawn flees to Alaska and is hired by Drake's father to work on a crab fishing boat. There's plenty of tension as Drake and Shawn come to terms with their preconceived notions of one another.
An Altered Ending by Megan Trennett
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Ellen Mitchell did not imagine she would be nearing thirty, dealing with her mother's terminal illness and taking life day by day. This all changes with an email from her former professor who offers to help get her dream of writing off the ground. Their relationship has never been simple, and now she wonders if she'll let the one who got away slip through her fingers once again.
Cuba 1964: When the Revolution Was Young by Deena Stryker
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In 1964 Deena Stryker traveled to Cuba to interview the original "Twelve" leaders of the Revolution. The members of the government including Fidel Castro, Raul Castro, Che Guevara and Celia Sanchez, spoke to her informally, occasionally talking about each other. The photographs are now part of a collection at Duke University. Stryker returned to Cuba in 2011, taking the pictures in the Epilogue.
Letters of Love & Deception by Emily C.A. Snyder
FREE off with discount code SSWIN
Part I of this collection of Austenesque short stories offers us a glimpse into various behind-the-scenes interactions from Austen's original works. In Part II, Snyder runs with her imagination taking on various "what-ifs" to hilarious results. The final story, "Pride and Paraliterature" is a satiric take on the phenomenon of monster mash-ups.
Margaret's Rematch by Farida Mestek
FREE with discount code SSWIN
After the loss of her sister, Margaret Fairfax settles at the country estate of her brother-in-law, Mr. Westfield, whose dislike of her is legendary. She faces a challenge in proving to him that she is worthy of his regard. With time and many an exertion, Margaret succeeds in altering Mr. Westfield’s opinion and attaching his heart. But she fears the worst when her deceitful friend arrives.
The Happy Medium by Janice Tarver
FREE with discount code SSWIN
Although she has sometimes been referred to as a clairvoyant, author Janice Tarver prefers to describe her abilities as those of a medium. The Happy Medium centers upon Janice’s interactions with clients, the clients themselves having submitted many of the experiences described in the book. Her journey through acceptance and actualization of her gift comprises another facet of the story.
The Happy Medium Book Two by Janice Tarver
FREE with discount code SSWIN
In the continuation of her first book, The Happy Medium Book Two: Memorable Readings focuses more on client readings about loss and grieving. Janice describes how messages come to her during a reading and how she handles those messages and passes them on to her clients. She also addresses the question of whether pets have souls, and whether houses can indeed be haunted.
Celebrities for Breakfast by Shelley Stout
FREE with discount code SSWIN
Personal shopper to the stars, Judith Collington, refuses to spend one more day in LA, answering the demands of her Hollywood clientele. To escape, Judith and her daughter give up their lucrative lifestyle to run a bed and breakfast in Illinois. Judith prepares to purchase the property, until it changes hands in a poker game. New owner: Hollywood actor and part-time egomaniac, Ren Spencer.
There Must Be Murder by Margaret C. Sullivan, illustrated by Cassandra Chouinard
50% off with discount code SSW50
To the Tilneys, revisiting to Bath a year after they first met seems it can only add to their happiness; but Catherine finds Bath still carries dangers she must learn to navigate. Revisit the pleasures of Georgian Bath with your favorite characters from Jane Austen's Northanger Abbey and prepare for romance, mystery, and a very nice story indeed! Includes 29 illustrations by Cassandra Chouinard.
Almendra: A Fairy Tale by Farida Mestek
FREE with discount code SSWIN
Almendra, the High Lady of The Upper Kingdom, is doomed. Many years ago, in a rage, her mother banished all the men from the country and plunged it into unhappiness. To get rid of the curse, Almendra must go to The Land of Men to find love that will restore The Upper Kingdom to all its former glory. But it’s a long way to The Land of Men and the outcome of the journey will change her forever.
Heart Pulled to Pieces by Megan Trennett
FREE with discount code SSWIN
When her marriage ends abruptly, Andi Mathews leaves the City to start a whole new life in a small town known as The Tourist Trap. A good distance away from her old life, Andi heals by meeting new friends, and flirting with the idea of falling in love once more. But just when life starts to look good for Andi, an unexpected turn of events sends her world crashing down all over again.
Nachtstürm Castle: A Gothic Austen Novel by Emily C.A. Snyder
50% off with discount code SSW50
Catherine Tilney had settled in for a quiet, respectable, distinctly non-Gothic English life in the countryside with her husband, the Reverend Henry Tilney.  Unfortunately, a quiet, respectable, distinctly non-Gothic life had not settled itself for her.  An original sequel to Jane Austen's Northanger Abbey,Nachtstürm Castle whisks the reader and its heroine away to the border countries in the Austrian Alps, where adventure, mistaken identities, lost heirs, and terrifying butlers lurk.


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