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"Terra Incognita" by Sara Wheeler

terraincognita.gifPeople who are space nuts may not realize that we know more about Mars than we know about some places on our own planet. Antarctica is one of these places. International treaties have dictated that Antarctica, the only place on earth with no native human population, be used for scientific endeavors, and that those endeavors carefully protect the Earth's last wilderness. At the same time, countries and contractors involved in the exploration effort have set up programs to ensure that the world at large can learn as much as possible from the information gathered on "The Ice." To that end, countries like the United States offer fellowships to writers who are eager to publish works detailing the layout of the continent and the most recent scientific findings.

I have read at least a dozen books written by writers who have secured such fellowships, and thus far, Terra Incognita is the best. The quality of the writing in this book enhances the interesting details that Ms. Wheeler offers regarding her travels to several places on the Antarctic continent. Ms. Wheeler obviously loved Antarctica, as her only complaint was that toward the end of her stay she got tired of wearing long underwear with a "willie slot."

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