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Review: "The Happy Medium" by Janice Tarver

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Five years ago, I agreed to participate in a Tai Chi performance at a local martial arts academy. Since the academy was across town and I had a brand new van, I offered to drive anyone who would like a ride. Another student named Janice Tarver took me up on my offer. I had heard Janice was clairvoyant, but had not seen her demonstrate her skills, as our only interaction involved saying “hi” in Tai Chi class. On our way home from the performance, my curiosity got the best of me and I asked her if she could “read” me. What she said shocked and surprised me.

Without any prior knowledge of my past, she talked about the fact that my mother had passed away several years before and began to tell me names, all of which turned out to be my mother’s relatives, except one, whom I later recognized as a family benefactor. Even more astounding was her mention of my mother’s love for pink roses. This was not something I was consciously aware of. When until I got home, I looked closely at all the lovely things in my dining room, the items that I inherited from my mother. They were all decorated with pink roses. In my bedroom hung an inexpensive dime store planter my mother had kept in her kitchen for nearly fifty years. I saved it because it was her favorite gift from me as a child. Its primary decoration was a large pink rose. Janice had never been to my house.

After getting to know Janice better, I read The Happy Medium for the first time. Although the book was fascinating, Janice and I remained only casually acquainted because my work schedule prevented most extra curricular activities. I did, however, see her in Tai Chi class year after year. When I retired last year and had more time, Janice and I began having tea and practicing Tai Chi together.

When she showed me some of her paintings, I thought this talent might fit nicely with Girlebooks’ need for cover art. Janice agreed, and we began to do business together, starting with Girlebooks and expanding into Etsy and eBay. Subsequently, I began to think that Janice’s book might make a good publication on its own. Her book was just as fascinating the second time around, perhaps more because I knew the person behind this flamboyant history.

The Happy Medium centers upon Janice’s interactions with clients, the clients themselves having submitted many of the experiences described in the book. Janice has a gift, albeit one she has not always been comfortable possessing, much less using. Her journey through acceptance and actualization of that gift comprises another facet of the story.

One can say many things about Janice Tarver. A busy person who paints, practices Tai Chi, runs a demanding business and maintains a stunningly beautiful home, Janice is willing to drop everything for someone who needs a helping hand. Her journey has not always been smooth, but her life has been colorful and she can bring a wonderful feeling peace and optimism to whoever seeks it.

Janice Tarver’s website is at
For readings, she can be reached at: 210.520.0332


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