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Review: "The Happy Medium Book Two" by Janice Tarver

The Happy Medium Book Two is available at Amazon.

The Happy Medium Book TwoJanice Tarver successfully published her first book, The Happy Medium, on Girlebooks two years ago. Since then her clients have been begging for her to write another. Bowing to their wishes, she has compiled a collection of vignettes, and this time her clients take center stage.

In her work as a medium, Janice’s clients contact her because they are grieving or because they are worried about a close member of their family. Thus, she hears much about loss and grieving: loss of a spouse, a child, a parent or a beloved pet. Janice works through the process of loss so that the client can come away with a certain sense of peace, no matter how painful, hopeless or even horrifying the situation may have become. She addresses the question of whether pets have souls, and whether houses can indeed be haunted.

Recently, she started painting pet portraits for people who want to immortalize their pets on canvas. One of her requisites for completing a pet portrait is that the pet (living or deceased) must “speak” to her with his/her eyes before she will release the portrait. In terms of grieving, Janice expands upon loss of beloved pets. Editor Joyce McDonald and Janice became very close when Joyce was getting over the loss of three very old cats. Similarly, just before the book was published, Janice lost her dog Angus. Joyce records conversations about Janice's grieving process and Angus’ life in the hereafter.

Finally, Janice describes how messages come to her during a reading and how she handles those messages and passes them on to her clients. An interesting fact is that the impressions she sees or hears as part of a reading can mean nothing at all to her. She passes on what she sees or hears in much the same way as a Western Union operator might pass on a telegram—receiving the message from one source and passing it on to the recipient without really being involved with what the telegram itself means. Janice is always fascinated to find out how the client interprets what she has come up with.


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