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Review: "Rearview Mirror" by Lorene Haupt

Rearview Mirror by Lorene Haupt is available in the Girlebooks catalog.

In this romantic comedy novelette, author Lorene Haupt poses some scenarios that will whet the appetites of women who remember the guy that got away. While introducing us to a romantic story that captivates our interest, Haupt weaves in fun pop-culture references, from Pretty in Pink to Pearl Jam. She also broaches some unexpected topics such as diabetes, Weight Watchers, Facebook, and—ahem—Chlamydia.

Our heroine, Elise, has been married to a reliable if boring man for 13 years, but she is not unhappy. He married her when she was considerably overweight, and she has remained so with no complaint from him for the duration of their marriage. They discussed children unenthusiastically, but at the point when she became serious about the subject, fertility problems prevented further discussion.

Spending some time on Facebook, she connects with a man from her past—one with whom she had an uncharacteristically intimate encounter shortly after they finished high school. Elise doesn’t think too much about their innocent online flirtation--after all, he's married too and lives on the other side of the country. The intimacy they experienced might have been due to nothing more than too many tequila shots. She also has other issues to deal with—diabetes for one, and getting the weight off to preserve her health; and what with the fertility problems, her health is her major concern now.

Author Haupt keeps the plot humming to the point where several plot lines converge. At the point Elise finally gets her health back to normal, the rest of her life spins out of control. She must then make some decisions that will change her life completely. What follows could be a fantasy or a nightmare, but Elise handles the situation the way a heroine should: amusing us every step of the way.


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