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Review: "Heart Pulled to Pieces" by Megan Trennett

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“After all, he tried to shape me into his kind of woman. He tried to make me fit into his ideals on what to eat and how to live…I didn’t fit quite right.”

Although her husband and his attorney kept telling her that an uncontested divorce was “quick and painless,” Andraia Mathews had her doubts. She certainly allowed that her divorce was quick. This time last week, she had no idea that her husband was even thinking of such a thing. She wasn’t. When Eddie mentioned the D word, Andraia wasn’t given much of a choice in the matter. The process might have been painless to Eddie, who didn’t lose his home since the condo was his before they married. Andraia was cut loose with one credit card (that expired in seven months), a few personal belongings, a promise to pay rent for her lodgings for six months, no car, and one big question in her mind: What the hell happened?

I have been fortunate never to have had to deal with a divorce, but after reading Heart Pulled to Pieces, I have a good idea of how it feels. In her poignant first three chapters, author Megan Trennett vividly describes the emotional turmoil experienced by protagonist Andraia, who has been blindsided into a divorce she never saw coming. She has no real idea as to why her husband wanted it so suddenly, or for that matter, at all.

Andraia’s first decision was to move to a nearby town called Bayside, although locals know it as The Tourist Trap, or simply The Trap. Her reason for moving was twofold: on the allowance she was offered, she couldn’t afford to stay in the city (a city that is never named but could stand in for any big, cosmopolitan city). Second, she didn’t want to chance running into Eddie and having to revisit her pain.

Once she moves to The Trap, she applies for the first job opening she sees: a clerk at a music store in a shopping mall. From this inauspicious beginning, Andi finds a set of new friends and suitors, and her life takes on a semblance of joy. At this point, the story begins to resemble a cross between Friends and Sex and the City. The shopping mall makes a nostalgic backdrop for Andraia’s reawakening. The consistent pace of the plot and the hilarious minor characters will please anyone with a taste for entertaining prose with a dollop of romance.

The following is a short interview with author Megan Trennett.

Have you either written or published any other books?

Although I've been writing for a few years I've never had the privilege of being published before. I am tweaking two other novels, as well as getting a start on writing a fourth.

I got the impression that "the city" was modeled after New York City. Was I right or way off the mark?
It's not based off of New York, actually. I loosely based on my hometown Halifax, though not nearly enough to say that's where it is.

Your story offers tremendous detail regarding the protagonist's movements, and is written in the first person. What was your inspiration for this story?
This story started out as a little writing exercise to get myself out of a bad bout of writer's block. When I was finished, I had a shortened version of the first chapter, and it was written in third person. I changed the perspective because I liked the idea of getting right inside Andi's head and showing her cynical and sarcastic side alongside of the giddy hopeful romantic. I drew on my own past experiences with relationships to mould the experience Andi has going through her divorce and moving on from it.


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