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We now have two contemporary authors who have posted their books for free download on Girlebooks. The first is Sarah Pawley's novel Finding Grace.

In 1927, the world belongs to men, but Grace Langdon won't let herself be tied down by such restraints. She longs to escape the narrow, restricted life in Virginia that is sure to be hers if she stays in her community. When Grace learns her parents have arranged a marriage for her with a local young man, she runs away from home to live life on her own terms and heads for Chicago. There she meets her brother's neighbor, she begins to believe that true love might exist for her.

The second is L. Lee Lowe's Mortal Ghost.

It's a fiery hot summer, and sixteen-year-old Jesse Wright is on the run. An oddly gifted boy, he arrives in a new city where the direction of his life is about to change. He's hungry and lonely and desperate - and beset by visions of a stranger who is being brutally tortured. And then there are Jesse's own memories of a fire ...

Both novels are available for free download, in several ebook formats, from our ebook catalog. We thank these two authors for graciously contributing their books to our site.

In other news, the full length adaptation of Sense and Sensibility directed by Ang Lee is available free, online at (apparently this works only if you're in the US).


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