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A Fund for Farida

Most of you probably live in big cities. If your neighbor becomes ill or suffers from any other kind of bad luck, you might say you're sorry or post well-wishes on their Facebook wall, but that's about all. Having lived in big cities most of my life, I was used to living life like this. A few years ago I moved to a small, rural town. One of the first differences from city life I noticed was the outpouring of help one receives from one's neighbors. If someone is ill, has an accident, or is faced with an enormous hospital bill they can't pay, a fundraiser with donated food, drink, and entertainment is immediately planned. No one person can give a lot, but everyone together donates what they can, and it is a big help to the person who needs it.

Recently we've had some bad news from one of our authors who is also a dear friend, Farida Mestek. She is suffering from cancer and is courageously going through surgeries, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. I like to think of Girlebooks as a virtual tight-knit community, one of the best of its kind, and as such I'd like to request the help of whomever would like to offer it. We've set up a fund for Farida and are accepting donations to go towards paying her treatment costs.

You as the donor you won't go away empty-handed! If you donate any amount to Farida's fund, you will receive both of Farida's ebooks, that are currently for sale in our ebook store, for free. Once your donation is processed, you will receive an email with instructions on downloading your free ebooks.

***Donations are currently closed. Thanks so much to all who donated!***


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