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What is Girlebooks?
Girlebooks is your resource for classic and contemporary ebooks by female writers. The site was founded by Laura McDonald and her mother Joyce McDonald with lots of help by volunteers and contributing bloggers.

Why books by women?
We love books by both men and women. However, if we may generalize, women's most loved and re-read books are generally books by other women. Also, as women authors were not always as celebrated and promoted as they are today, we are always on the lookout for excellent but forgotten books that deserve a wider audience.

What is different about your ebooks?
Girlebooks ebooks are hand-crafted and professionally formatted into multiple ebook formats to accommodate most ereaders. All of our ebooks, even the ones in the ebook store, are DRM free (no digital rights management). This means that once you download the ebook, it is yours forever no matter what ereader you use to read it.

Where do you get the book texts?
We usually use texts from Project Gutenberg. We have also started our own proofreading initiative.

Can I help out in any way?
Yes! If you would like to volunteer your time proofreading texts for inclusion in our free ebook catalog as well as Project Gutenberg's catalog, read more about our proofreading initiative. You may also make a small donation toward website server costs.

Can I publish my ebook on Girlebooks?
Please see our For Authors page for more details on publishing with us.

How did you create this website?
Laura, a web developer by day, built this site using WordPress. Ebook download management is handled by the Drain Hole plugin. Ebook ratings are provided by the WP-PostRatings plugin. The ebook store is run by the very cool eShop plugin.

If you have any other questions please let us know!

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